Monday, February 1, 2010

Black tree, remember me from the time when we used to talk? how strange
things have changed, i dont know you anymore. but you stayed the same as
what i came, i need your clarity. cause i find peace as i sit beneath of your
familiarity. black tree, remember me? im the one who moved away. i know,
i have grown so much since yesterday. and its been so long that it feels wrong
to ask anything of you, but im more lost than i ever was and i need to know
your true. black tree remember me? i hoped you might. i was sure you saw me
running through the night, so i cried out, i screamed so loud for you to rescue
me and i was found without a sound in your company. black tree, remember me
for the rest of time. cause you stand tall, will you ever fall? i know you never will.

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